Wesal Maash

Graduate School Skills Workshops

24th October 2018:

Writing at master’s level

By Dr Rachel Canter

17th October 2018:

Skills for avoiding plagiarism and poor academic conduct

By Dr George Koutsouris (MA Ed), Dr Lauren Stentiford (MSc), Prof. Dongbo Zhang (MEd)

Professional Meetings

20th June 2019:

Doctoral research forum

Title: The role of language of the other in segregated education system of Cyprus as a vehicle for developing intercultural dialogue for rapprochement and peace through education.

By: Afet Guney (PhD cndidate)

13th November 2018:

Doctoral research forum

Title: How omani teachers perceive the process of integrating the 21st century competenceies and skills in the EFL curriculum.

By: Atoom Alkhatri (PhD student)

Training courses delivered by me

1st November 2016:

Active learning strategies

for teachers

6th August 2016:


for teachers and stuff

5th April 2016:

Six thinking hats

for teachers

16th November 2015:

Plagiarism in scientific research

for master students at the university of Jeddah.
Delivered and prepared in cooperation with Prof. Asmaa Alahdal. 




16th November 2022:

SWDTP Conference

Attended at UWE, Bristol.

22nd March 2019:

GSE Annual Conference 2019, University of Exeter, UK

I presented a symposium based on my dissertation with Dr. Phil Durrant and other LEN network members. The title of my dissertation is: Arabic Language Teachers (ALT) Perspectives of their Experiences of Teacher Preparation Programmes: an Ethnographic Exploratory Study in Saudi Arabia’s Private Schools.