Dr Zoe Bulaitis

Department: English
Discipline: English

Project Summary

My research negotiates within the present gulf in the language with which Higher Education is discussed in the UK. In a nutshell I am reading economic policy-makers white papers through literary criticism, contemporary literature and humanistic defences of liberal thought. 

My thesis has investigated the value of the arts and humanities in Britain within the context of marketisation. My research explores the intersections between culture and the economy, tracing the shifting patterns from liberal to neoliberal values within the academy and in wider society. I actively engage in the fields of visual and popular culture; higher education policy; and cultural and critical theory concerning notions of value.

I draw links from the Victorian period, and the formation of the discipline of English, to the present moment in HE.

Supervisory Team

Professor Regenia Gagnier

Dr Siân Harris


Wider Research Interests

I am also interested in the impact of digital culture on scholarship and representations of academics in literature and popular culture. I also enjoy critical theories about networks and agency. I am interested in the development of creative projects from within the academy, and the effect of creative collaboration.

Authored Publications/Reports

Bulaitis, Zoe (2016) Review: Deandrea, Pietro, New Slaveries in Contemporary British Literature and Visual Arts, THE BIRMINGHAM JOURNAL OF LITERATURE AND LANGUAGE, (Vol. VII)

Blackmore, Paul; Bulaitis, Zoe; Jackman, Anna (March 2016) Employability in Higher Education: a review of practice and strategies around the world, Pearson Efficacy and Research, 71

Bulaitis; Zoe (4th December 2014) Conversation, Clamour and Controversy: What We Might Learn from the Two Cultures Debates Today , Dovetail Journal, Issue 1, 4 - 22

Zoe Bulaitis (31st October 2017) Measuring impact in the humanities: Learning from accountability and economics in a contemporary history of cultural value, Palgrave Communications , Article 3. No. 7, https://www.nature.com/articles/s41599-017-0002-7

Bulaitis, Zoe (August 2016) Review of ‘American Education in Popular Media: From the Blackboard to the Silver Screen’ Journal of American Studies, , JOURNAL OF AMERICAN STUDIES, (Vol. 50 No.3)