Andrew James Williams BMedSci MPH

3rd January 2012 to 13th March 2012

Clinical decision making

A series of three workshops for 2nd year medical students on appriasing: randomised controlled trials, systematic reviews and diagnostic studies to inform clinical practice.  A workshop on interpreting the statistical data encountered in randomised controlled trials and systematic reviews for 1st year medical students.

10th May 2011 to 24th May 2011

Undergraduate medical students statistics workshop

I facilitated two statistics workshops for the 1st and 2nd year undergraduate medical students.  One workshop on measures of variation and one of statistical inference.

21st February 2011 to 25th March 2011

Postgraduate researcher statistics workshop series

Following requests from postgraduate researchers at the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry the medical statisticians became involved with organising and providing a statistic workshop.  I was involved from the beginning having expressed an interest in teaching.  I assisted in providing two of the three days of the workshop.  The topics covered on these days were; data types, descriptive statistics, risk and odds ratios, confidence intervals and linear regression.