Becca Savory Fuller

April 2017 to April 2017

Widening Participation, College of Humanities

Planned & delivered a 3-hour practical Drama workshop for Year 12 students, focussed on the repertoire of Complicite; their approach to Devised Theatre, and the production Mnemonic.  Supervised undergraduate Student Ambassador to support the session.

January 2017 to May 2017

DRA1012 Research & Performance

Developed the following research & performance curriculum on immersive, interactive & participatory contemporary theatre practices.  Guided a group of 20 Level 1 Drama students through the practical research module, supporting them to devise a 45-minute collaborative performance based on their research.  Assessed & gave feedback on students' performance work and written work.  Collaborated with teaching team in the overall running of the module.

The Interactivity Lab - Engaging Active Audiences

How can theatre and performance engage with active, playing audiences?  What does it mean to create interactive theatre, or participatory performance?  What can we learn from immersive theatre practices about the possibilities for engaging audiences in embodied, multi-sensory ways?  And, what kind of tools are useful for actors working in interactive and participatory performance?

This unit offers an introduction to working with interactive audiences in performance.  We will critically examine the rise of ‘immersive theatre’ practices over the last two decades and analyse examples of contemporary companies using interactivity and participation in their performance work.  We will explore notions of audience agency, and the ethics and politics of immersive / interactive / participatory performance structures.  Putting these ideas into practice, we will focus on two interlinking aspects of performance-making: designing performance structures for active audiences, and the work of the actor in interactive theatre.  

January 2016 to May 2016

DRA1007 Theatrical Interpretation: Practitioners

Planned and delivered seminars for Level 1 students on this core, theory-based Theatre History module, 'Theatrical Interpretations'.  Assessed and gave feedback on students' essays and group presentations (formative & summative).  Supported students in developing their academic research skills, critical thinking and writing.

September 2015 to November 2015

DRA2067 Staging the Text

Developed and led a workshop on Immersive & Interactive theatre practices for Level 2 Drama students, in preparation for their dramaturgical project, staging a 30 minute performance text for 'Staging the Text'.  Planned and facilitated seminars to support students in their engagement with the module lectures and reading content.

December 2013 to June 2014

Exeter Grand Challenges - Fashion Ethics: What next after the Rana Plaza Collapse?

PhD faciltator on Exeter Grand Challenges - Fashion Ethics: What next after the Rana Plaza Collapse?

Academic lead: Professor Ian Cook (Geography).

Collaborated with lead academic and facilitator team to develop a week-long programme of research and public engagement within this interdisciplinary, problem-centred research project for undergraduates (all years). 

Led the ‘Arts and Engagement’ team (10 students) who researched this global issue and produced creative responses to it, including writing, installation art, textiles and performance, in collaboration with visual artist Catherine Cartwright.

September 2011 to January 2012

DRA1004 Acting and Not Acting: the Dialectics of Performance

Taught on studio-based, practical drama module 'Acting and Not Acting'.  Planned and delivered three weeks of ongoing studio training with one group of Level 1 Undergraduates. Followed by an additional four weeks of rotating workshops with four other groups.  Supported students to research forms of play in Drama practice, and lead a mini-workshop based on their research.  Supported students to build a repertoire of ensemble actor training and devised theatre techniques, leading towards a devised performance project.  Assessed students' practical and written work.  Provided formative and summative feedback to students.

January 2011 to May 2011

DRA1007 Theatrical Interpretation: Practitioners

Taught on seminar-based theatre history module 'Theatrical Interpretations: Practitioners', as above.

2011 to 2013

The Exeter Award employability facilitator

Facilitator for The Exeter Award, 'The Interview Experience' workshop.  Delivered employability workshops on interview skills. 

2007 to present

Additional teaching experience:

As a freelance performer and drama facilitator, I have been leading workshops for children and young people since 2007.  My experience includes work with:

  • Primary school students, delivering an on-going, combined performing arts curriculum (with Artis Education); 
  • Students with special needs (Mousetrap Theatre Projects);
  • Young asylum seekers, leading a performing arts summer school  (Eastside Educational Trust);
  • Secondary School students in a variety of contexts (Old Vic Theatre, Burn the Curtain, & Daisi among others).