Bethany Sollereder


Systematic Theology Overview TA, Regent College      
Winter & Fall  2010

Teach one tutorial a week, with an average of 15-17 students.  Tutorial aims to explore in greater depth individual issues (such as the nature of Scripture) which class time cannot adequately cover.  Worked with Dr. J. I. Packer.

Old Testament Foundations TA, Regent College                           
Fall 2009

Teach three tutorials a week, with an average of 30 students each.  Tutorial aims to consolidate class and reading material.  Worked with Dr. Iain Provan.

Research Assistant, Regent College                                         
Winter 2010

Performed research for the class “Mapping Gender, c.1780-1900” as well as research for several of Dr. Williams’s ongoing academic projects.  Worked with Dr. Sarah C. Williams.