Christian Thrue Djurslev



College: College of Humanities
Discipline: Classics and Ancient History
Department: Classics and Ancient History

Since submitting an assignment about the conquests of Alexander the Great for a history class at Virum Gymnasium (Denmark, 2007), I have been intrigued by the figure of Alexander. This gradually developed into an academic interest, and I began to pursue it in the last part of my undergraduate degree in Classics at the University of Copenhagen. My UG thesis was a discussion of the Ptolemaic representations of Alexander, supervised by Christian Gorm Tortzen. 

I discovered the Greek Alexander Romance and its tradition in the process (I have forgotten when). The text became the sole focus of my MA studies, now in Exeter (2011-2). Daniel Ogden supervised my MA dissertation on the date of the Alexander Romance and he is still, mirabile dictu, supervising me, now for PhD research (see the 'research'-tab). Leaving the Alexander Romance behind (for a while), this project is devoted to the examination of early Christian conceptions of Alexander.