Christian Thrue Djurslev

Department: Classics and Ancient History
Discipline: Classics and Ancient History

Project Summary

Working Title: The Christian Alexander - The Uses of Alexander the Great in Early Christian Literature

A slightly revised abstract might appear here in the immediate future.

The project is kindly sponsored by the A. G. Leventis Foundation.

Supervisory Team

(1) Prof. Daniel Ogden; (2) Dr. Richard Flower.

Wider Research Interests

My wider research interests include (past and present representations of Alexander the Great aside): 

  • Hellenistic Literature, especially Greek poetry and mythography.
  • Early Christianity and the writings of its theologians. 
  • Late Antiquity, especially (late) Greek Imperial literature and history. 
  • Numismatics, especially Ptolemaic and Imperial coinage.

Authored Publications/Reports

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Christian Thrue Djurslev (1st June 2012) Book Review: D. Ogden 'Alexander the Great - Myth, Genesis and Sexuality.' (Exeter, 2011), Pegasus, Issue 55., 42-3.

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