Christopher Perrott

Discipline: Geography

Project Summary

I am currently undertaking research for my MSc by Research in Geography degree, under the supervision of Professor Andrew Nicholas and Professor Rolf Aalto. This research focusses on the use of Delft3D Flexible Mesh Suite to numerically model the temporal and spatial inundation and sedimentation dynamics of the Sacramento River’s floodplain at Llano Seco in California, United States of America. I am particularly interested in whether the spatial patterns of sedimentation on this topographically heterogeneous floodplain, typified by scroll bars and diverse vegetation, conform to the exponential decay law of sediment deposition on floodplains.

Supervisory Team

Professor Andrew Nicholas and Professor Rolf Aalto.

Wider Research Interests

  • Numerical modelling;
  • Fluvial geomorphology.