Claire Furlong

Teaching development

February 2015:

I am an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and have completed Stages One and Two of the Learning to Teach in Higher Education course.  


7th July 2016:

European Society for Periodical Research Annual Conference

Paper title: "G. W. M. Reynolds, Socialist Feminist?"

18th June 2016:

The Body and Pseudoscience in the Long Nineteenth Century Conference

Paper title: "A ‘scientific wonder’?: Mesmerism and Modern Science in Popular Periodicals"

15th July 2015:

Victorian Popular Fiction Association Annual Conference, University of London

Paper title: "Astounding imposture or vast miracle?: Mesmerism in popular periodical fiction"


I was also invited to co-host a reading group session on the legitimacy of popular fiction.


10th July 2014:

Victorian Popular Fiction Association Annual Conference, University of London

Paper title: “A Structure so Exquisitely Perfect”: The Anatomist and his Subject in Popular Periodical Fiction


I was awarded a presenter's bursary for my paper.

24th June 2014:

Centre for Victorian Studies seminar series, University of Exeter

Paper title: “The enlightenment of the age”: Resurrection men, surgeons and anatomical practice in popular Victorian periodicals

12th July 2013:

Research Society for Victorian Periodicals Annual Conference, University of Salford

Paper title: The authority of eminent men? Medical knowledge and popular periodicals, 1830-1850

20th June 2013:

University of Exeter and Vanderbilt University Conference on Victorian Studies, Exeter

Paper Title: Desirable Women and Women's Desire in Popular Victorian Periodical Fiction

13th June 2013:

Locating Women in Victorian Print Culture workshop, University of Warwick

I was awarded a competitive travel bursary to attend by the organisers of the workshop.

25th April 2013:

Civilising Bodies Postgraduate Symposium (Centre for Medical History, University of Exeter)

Paper Title: "That energetic woman": Gendered capabilities and the body in popular Victorian periodicals

12th April 2013:

British Society for Literature and Science annual conference (Cardiff University)

Paper Title: "Health Advice for the Millions: Popular nineteenth-century periodicals and the making of good health"

20th February 2013:

University of Exeter English Department Research Seminar

Paper Title: Health Advice for the Millions: Popular Nineteenth-Century Periodicals and the Healthy Body

Other academic activities

January 2011:

From 2011-2015 I was the English Representative for the Post-Graduate Research Academic Affairs Committee, where my role was to raise student concerns and ideas with senior members of staff.


College of Humanities Postgraduate Research Conference 2012: I was a member of the Organising Committee for this two-day interdisciplinary conference, with special responsibility for marketing. I also chaired the Identity and Place panel, which ran for several sessions over both days of the conference.

Journal editorship and peer review

August 2013:

I have been a peer-reviewer for Victorian Network journal since the beginning of 2014. 


From 2013 - 2015 I was Assistant Editor of the Postgraduate Journal of Medical Humanities, an online journal published by the University of Exeter.