Davide Pettinato



I obtained a MLitt in Islamic Studies (with distinction) from the Al-Maktoum College/University of Aberdeen in 2011. Informed by Liberation Theology and post-colonial and critical theories, my dissertation explored the theme of ‘Liberation’ in modern Muslim thought.

Currently, I'm researching a PhD entitled 'Muslims in UK and faith-based emancipatory activism', which focuses on how British Muslim NGOs articulate Islamic teachings on social justice, mobilise Muslims in support of humanitarian causes, and stimulate awareness of the Islamic faith-based perspective on global issues (such as poverty, sustainable development, fair-trade, eco-sustainability, etc.).

My main research interests overlap different disciplines and include:

  • Islamic perspectives on social justice and humanitarian work
  • Muslim NGOs, Muslim civil society, and the public sphere in the West
  • Muslim activism and forms of resistance and dissent (from Islamism to active citizenship in a post-integration era)
  • contemporary Muslim thought (with a focus on themes related to development, human rights, and active citizenship)
  • Liberation Theology, Social Movement Theory, Development Education.

I have presented at and contributed to the organisation of different postgraduate conferences, and I'm actively involved in teaching, public engagement, and outreach work.