Davide Pettinato

Public Engagement, Widening Participation

15th January 2014:

Discover Social Sciences

I have developed and delivered a 1 hour workshop (entitled 'Figuring it out') for school pupils (Year 10 – aged 14/15), intended to give them a taster of the discipline of Islamic Studies.

Running the session using an interactive approach and well-designed audio-visual tools, I managed to stimulate interest amongst pupils and lively debate.

Exeter Postgraduate Research Showcase 2014

30th April 2014:

I developed an original infographic (image below) which I presented as a poster entitled: “WESTERN MUSLIMS & FAITH-BASED ACTIVISM for SOCIAL JUSTICE - developing a multi-disciplinary framework". The infographic proposed my innovative mixed theoretical framework for the study of Western Muslim activism, which promotes dialogue and collaboration between different disciplines (Islamic Studies, Social Movement Theory, and Liberation Theology).


10th September 2014:

INSIDE OUT: Reflexivity and Methodology in Research with British Muslims

Conference organised by the Islam-UK Centre of Cardiff in association with the Muslims in Britain Research Network (MBRN)

Title of the paper: "British Muslim activists studying British Muslim activism - towards a Movement Relevant Approach"

20th May 2014:

Social Movements, Mobilization, and Political Protest in Non-democratic Contexts: An Interdisciplinary Perspective.

This International Doctoral Workshop was organised by The Centre for Kurdish Studies, University of Exeter in collaboration with The Graduate Institute (Geneva) and the CERIC (Aix-en-Provence).
The aim of the workshop was to stimulate a discussion about participants' contribution to the sociology of social movements and mobilisation.
I presented a paper entitled: "Social Movement Theory, Islamic Studies and Western Muslim faith-based activism", which:

  • offered an overview of the convergent parables of Social Movement Theory and  Islamic  Studies;
  • highlighted  the  usefulness  of the framing perspective to illuminate our understanding of Western Muslim  activism  and overcome current theoretical tensions;
  • presented preliminary results from  one of my PhD research case studies.

1st May 2014:

SSIS Post Graduate Conference 2014 In Politics & IR, SPA and IAIS

I presented a paper entitled: “Exploring British Muslim faith-based social activism: 'MADE in Europe' & the 'GREEN DEEN'”, through which I highlighted the usefulness of the ‘framing’ perspective (from Social Movement Theory) for the study of Western Muslim activism, and described its application in analysing the Muslim NGO MADE in Europe, with particular reference to its “Green Up! My Community” campaign as a case study.


“Knowledge Beyond Borders” - South West Doctoral Training Centre Student Conference

Paper presentation: “Faith-based activism for social justice in Western Muslim civil society: towards a multi-disciplinary framework”. Panel on Security, Conflict and Justice.


“Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education 1st Postgraduate Conference on the Study of Islam and Muslims”

Paper presentation: “Reading liberation in modern Muslim thought: Sayyd Qutb as a case-study”.