Edward Mills

Department: French
Discipline: Modern Languages
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for Medieval Studies

Project Summary

My thesis is aims to respond to one overarching question: how was education imagined and enacted in post-Conquest England?

Within this framework, I am looking at a wide variety of works, from computus texts to courtesy manuals, and investigating both what these texts reveal about understandings of the didactic endeavour and how they structure themselves in order to achieve their aims. Within this, I am particularly interested in the codicological contexts of these works, and how the manuscript was understood as a resource for learning in this period.

Supervisory Team

I am supervised by Thomas Hinton and Emma Cayley, both members of the the Modern Languages Department (French) in the College of Humanities.

Wider Research Interests

I retain an interest in medievalism and the reception of the Middle Ages, as well as in access and outreach projects that make use of medieval material. My Master's dissertation explored the reception and use of the game of chess as a literary device in medieval French texts.

Authored Publications/Reports

Edward Mills (1st July 2018) The French of Medieval England: Essays in Honour of Jocelyn Wogan-Browne (Review Article), French Studies, 72.3, 426

Edward Mills (1st July 2017) Le Français médiéval par les textes: anthologie commentée (Review Article), French Studies, 71.3, 402