Eileen Owens

Department: Graduate School of Education
Discipline: Education

Project Summary

My research aims to explore the implementation of an inclusive education policy in public schools in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE government first introduced a policy of inclusion in 2006 and since then students with a range of special educational needs and disabilites (SEND) have been admitted to mainstream schools. My thesis will explore teachers' attitudes to inclusion and in particular will consider how those atitudes impact on the expectations of students' achievement. 

Supervisory Team

Professor David Hall and Dr. Chris Boyle

Wider Research Interests

I am interested in of all aspects of education reform, particularly in the Gulf States, including:

  • The professional development and capacity building of Gulf educators
  • School governance and leadership
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Early Years

Authored Publications/Reports

Moulson, P; Owens, E (2015) Moulson, P; Owens, E (2015) School evaluation and accreditation performance of public and private schools 2009-2014: A report for the UAE Ministry of Education