Faye Rigopoulou


Telephone: 07444526747 

College: College of Humanities
Discipline: Drama
Department: Drama Department

I am a PhD candidate in the Drama Department at the University of Exeter, and I have received the Cawthra fund for the academic year 2018-2019. My current research focuses on ageing female vocality in mid-20th- and early 21st-century Western Anglophone musical theatre, focusing both on original productions and revivals. Specifically, my research aims to identify and challenge preconceived perceptions, impression, and understandings of female ageing in musical theatre, to appreciate and propound the vocal presence of musical theatre ageing female performers, and to argue for intergenerational equity perspectives and interpretations of female vocal roles for ageing performers in musical theatre. 

I studied for my MA in Professional Practice (Musical Theatre) at Middlesex University and was awarded a Distinction in 2017. My research ('Optioning Up': Musical Theatre for a Young Asian Cast: Issues on Expressing Emotions. Mapping Educational Approaches for Performing Arts Educators in International Schools) focused on performers education in musical theatre, cross-cultural communication and emotional expression, and musical theatre pedagogies in South East Asia. I have attended the BA programme in Musicology at the Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki with focus on Pedagogy (1992-1996).

Some of my other formal qualifications include a Piano Virtuosity Diploma (2006, awarded with Distinction), a Harmony Diploma (2003, awarded with Distinction), a Woodwind and Brass Instrumentation Diploma (2003, awarded with Dinstinction), and an Audio Engineering Diploma (2010, SAE Institute, Athens). I have received training in Stanislavski's System, and training on advanced characterisation (Laban movement). I have trained at the Academy of Russian Ballet (A. Petrova) in Greece (classical ballet) and at the National Conservatoire of Athens (piano virtuosity, voice, and composition). I have been awarded a scholarship from the European Community for Arts and Music to attend Masterclasses with Julia and Konstantin Ganev (Piano Virtuosity) and Dr Alexander Raichev (Music Composition). I have also a Diploma on Byzantine monody sight reading (National Conservatoire Manolis Kalomiris, 1990).

I have had an active career in acting, and performing in musical theatre  between the years 1994 - 2000 and I have a long service in musical theatre (Greece, Taiwan) as a director and music director. I have taught musical theatre since 2004, and between the years 2010 and 2018 I taught musical theatre acting and voice along with broader performing arts' courses in international schools in Taiwan (Hsinchu International School and International Bilingual School of Hsinchu).

I have received the 'Award of Excellent Performance' by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan (18.09.2017) and have facilitated workshops on musical theatre for performers and performing arts educators (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016).

I am the representative for the South West of the Mercury Musical Developments organisation (MMD), member of the TaPRA Sound, Voice, and Music Group, member of ISPA (International Society for the Performing Arts), and the co-founder of the Performing Practices Working Group (PPWG).  

I currently lead seminars and workshops for undergraduate modules (Practitioners in Context; DRA1009, Staging the Text; DRA2067, Performance and Interpretation; DRA2064) and I am an active member of the Widening Participation programme of the University of Exeter leading workshops for Drama Scholars on Improvisation and Devising Musical Theatre (01/2019, 03/2019. 07/2019, 02/2020).

Online publications:

Theatre, Dance, and Performance Training Blog (TDPT): 'Where is the vocal training ageing female musical theatre performers?' (12/2019)