Gemma Edney

September 2017 to present

EAF2502: Shots in the Dark: American Film in Profile

This module aims to engage you in the rich history of American cinema, making connections between key films and the major contexts that have shaped their production, distribution, and reception, and exploring the models and methods of film scholarship that have shaped an understanding of this history.  By examining topics such as the origins of Hollywood, the coming of sound, the impact of film censorship, the role of World War II, the break-up of the studio system, and the rise of the contemporary independent film sector, as well as looking at significant stars, genres and production trends, the module aims to provide you with wide-ranging knowledge of American cinema, and the methods used to approach a study of its history.

January 2015 to present

MLF1119: French Cinema from the New Wave to the Present Day

France was arguably the birthplace of cinema and is home to one of the most important film cultures and national cinemas in the world. This module offers students an introduction to French cinema from the late 1950s (and the emergence of the nouvelle vague) to the present day. Through a detailed study of individual films, the module introduces key moments, movements, and trends in French cinema since the 1950s such as beur cinema, the cinéma du look and new realism. It also considers the wide range of films that have been produced in France since the 1950s, from art house cinema to popular mainstream comedy, placing them in their industrial, artistic and socio-political context.