George Twigg

7th January 2014 to 27th March 2014

Graduate Teaching Assistant on The Novel (EAS1037)

I taught two groups on the first-year module entitled The Novel, covering novels by Daniel Defoe, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf, Arundhati Roy and Alison Bechdel.  My duties included teaching weekly seminars on the texts and their historical contexts, marking essays and leading a session examining archive materials in the Old Library.

8th January 2013 to 28th March 2013

Shadowing on Modernism and Modernity: Literature 1900-1960 (EAS2103)

As part of my training to be a Graduate Teaching Assistant I shadowed Dr Derek Ryan on the module Modernism and Modernity: Literature 1900-1960. I also taught the seminar on T. S. Eliot's The Waste Land.