Giselle Garcia


7th November 2017:

DocPerform 2: New Technologies

Documenting Performance: The Future of Documents Project

(City, University of London U.K.)

I presented on the second day of the conference under the theme: "Where are we going?" where I looked at the subject position of the drama researcher as a walking dramaturg because the catalogue of such experience becomes a form of performance documentation in the archive of theatre histories. 

5th November 2017:

A Sense of Place: arts, enterprise and placemaking

(University of Bedfordshire, Luton, U.K.)

Presented on the Panel "Urban Gentrification and Arts Practice"

I presented a case study on a specific area in Metro Manila in the Philippines called "Teacher's Village" where the regenerative role of food in its gentrification relates to arts practice within the area. 

20th May 2017:

The Past is Back on Stage

(Universite Paul-Valery, Montpellier, France)

Presented on the Panel "Through the Lens of Theater Companies"

I presented a paper entitled, "Acts of Autopsy: A Performance Analysis of The Mousetrap: Anti-Hamlet" discussing how the performance interrogates Shakespeare's Hamlet  and its relevance in Filipino theatre.

8th June 2016:

Idea Exchange: Tok! Tok! Talk! Conference at Karnabal Festival

(Metro Manila)

Forum Panelist on Performance Practices: Working with/in universities

23rd April 2016:

Asian Dramaturgs Network Inaugural Symposium

Mapping Out, In and About (Singapore)

Forum Panelist on "Mapping the Terrain" and "Dramaturgy in Action I: Practical Realities"

21st February 2014:

MNL X: Experimental Theatre Festival

(Cultural Center of the Philippines, Metro Manila)

Forum Panelist on "What kind of theater animal is dramaturgy?"

Graduate School Skills Workshops

12th January 2017:

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Stage 1 - Humanities

One-day workshop aimed at discussing the foundational skills required for teaching students at a higher education institute.


5th July 2017:

The Glynne Wickham Scholarship (The Standing Conference of University Drama Departments)

Received funding support for The Past is Back on Stage conference in Montpellier, France

May 2017:

The Past is Back on Stage Conference Bursary

Received funding support from EMMA, Universite Paul-Valery, Montpellier, France