Irfana Hafeez

Department: Graduate and Professional Studies
Discipline: Education
Research Centre/Unit: TESOL

Project Summary

Teaching and Learning English as a Foreign Language among Kashmiri Teachers and the Influence of Language Policy on Teachers & Learners

The purpose of this research is to investigate the experience of Kashmiri English teachers in learning English as a second language in their educational time period i.e. school, college and university level, and how it has influenced them when they embarked on their journey of teaching as an ESL teacher.

I expect my investigation to highlight the TESL experiences of English teachers in Azad Kashmir, the factors which influence the current linguistic situation in public universities, and critical issues pertaining to English language learning and teaching due to the language policy from the government. I also expect my investigation to provide insight into the students’ experience of learning English, and its impact on their academic life. The investigation mainly aims to find out the reasons behind lack of acquisition of productive skills in English language learning in spite of being taught at school level.

The study will be an attempt to focus on the educational shortcomings which may have given limited opportunities to learn English productively. And also the deficiencies which teachers face while teaching English as a second language.

The results of the study are expected to be significant in better understanding the experience of TESL teachers and influence of educational policy on teachers as well as on the students of Azad Jammu & Kashmir in four public universities.


Supervisory Team

Dr Salah Troudi