Karen Kenny

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University of Exeter

PhD - Education

The Educational Experiences of Children in Care - A qualitative study of stories recalled across five decades of local authority care experiences


University of Exeter

MSc - Educational Research


University of Exeter

MEd - Technology Creativity and Thinking

Dissertation examined the use of technology in International HE classrooms, with a particular focus on Interactive Whitebooards.


Professional/research experience

August 1 2016 - August 31 2016:

University of Exeter

Young People on the Global Stage (YPOGS) I analysed and wrote up the quantitative data collected during this international project

June 1 2016 - June 30 2016:

University of Exeter

Resources for Researchers – I redesigned and populated the virtual learning environment on ELE – making use of the affordances of the updated version of the virtual space.

September 1 2015 - March 30 2017:

University of Exeter

Centre for Creativity, Sustainability and Education Futures (CENCSE)

As a student member of this research centre I have been employed at various times to: assist with the establishment of a web presence; to investigate, and report upon, seedcorn funding opportunities; to design the centre poster;.

October 2015- managed the Anna Craft Memorial Event, at the Peter Chalk centre


November 2016 designed the flier for the Anna Craft memorial lecture, and maintained the guest list, liaising with colleagues in BERA and the University of Cambridge.

March 2017 assisted with the planning and preparation for the Decolonizing Teacher Education Expert Seminar, managing online registrations, and manning the registration desk on the day, as well as designing posters and fliers for the event.

January 1 2014 - October 30 2015:

Open University

C2Learn - Research Assistant

• Assisting with the development of data collection protocols.

• Establish pilot studies within schools and colleges in both the South East and South West of the country.

• Collect data, filming of game play and Socratic interviewing with children, as well as research interviews with teaching professionals

• Carry out first and second level analysis

• Write up of findings – as deliverable and journal article.