Kelvin F. E. Anderson BSc (Hons), MSc

Course Module

22nd October 2010:

Research Methodology

This course introduces students to undertaken independent but supervised research at postgraduate level. It comprised eight 2- hour sessions.

Training Course

21st October 2010:

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LTHE) Stage 2 (University of Exeter, UK)

This course looks in more depth at learning, teaching, student  support, assessment and evaluation and comprised six 2-hour sessions on the following topics:

(a) teaching for interactive learning, teaching methods, using technology

(b) planning for teaching

(c) assessment principles and challenges

(d) marking and giving feedback

(e) practising teaching through an extended microteaching exercise

(f)   evaluating practice and future professional development

Received a certificate for completion of course.

Graduate School Skills Workshops

15th October 2010:

LTHE Stage 1 (University of Exeter, UK)

This one day course provides an introduction to a range of principles of teaching and learning which are necessary for students to learn effectively in a modern higher educational environment.                               

Received a certificate for completion of course

12th October 2010:

Impact Factor: Getting Published in Research and Going Global: Presenting a Conference Paper

This is a one day seminar for PhD students with subject areas in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The seminar focused on further skills particularly suited for STEM based postgraduate researchers and centred on writing for future publication and conference presentations.

11th October 2010:

Smart Start

This is a PhD Induction seminar covering the essentials and fundamentals of starting, managing and completing a PhD