Louise Misselke

Department: Graduate School of Education
Discipline: Education

Project Summary

Vocational education in the UK is also often referred to in the literature as ‘Cinderella’ undervalued and underfunded (Feather, 2013; Grummell & Murray, 2015; Petrie, 2015; Randle & Brady, 1997). Further Education often seen as an unenviable part of the education, not often referred to as valued part of the UK education landscape; nevertheless, it has been the subject of much political reform (Coffield, 1999; Daley, Orr, & Petrie, 2015; Hillier & Appleby, 2012). Research of the political history of vocational education in Great Britain identifies a sector, which is often used as a bargaining tool in political wrangling, further education offers a promise that may be undelivered by other areas of education or economic development. The sector which is most closely linked to economic development, the development of skills and learning related to the market can offer to any political party a tool of a promise to the people that is the promotion and development and growth of the becoming which can lead to wealth and success for all(Bailey & Unwin, 2014; DfES, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007; Petrie, 2015). 

My research will aim to understand what leadership models or approaches within the sector can enable and develop vocational pedagogy. This is important because there are limited common understandings of vocational pedagogy. the vocational sector relies on the expertise of its practitioner's to deliver qualified trained and skilled experts to enter the labour market. 

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Wider Research Interests

Professional Learning, Further Education, Learning and Skills. I am also really interested in developing Professional Learning Communities in Further Education settings.