Nader El-Sayed

Department: Accountancy

Project Summary

My PhD (Philosophiae Doctor) project is an investigated study which examines the linkages between qualitative information disclosures in the executive directors’ remuneration report and the level and structure of remuneration packages, together with seeking to establish quantitative associations between the nature and level of directors’ remuneration and corporate performance in the UK. It is a pragmatic and developmental approach that utilizes both qualitative and quantitative methods in serving specific research purposes.

Supervisory Team

Prof. David Gwilliam Prof. Grzegorz Trojanowski

Wider Research Interests

Academic interests cover areas of corporate governance mechanisms, aspects of financial accounting and reporting, code of best practice and related accounting standards, as well as managerial accounting Issues. My research topics include directors’ remuneration, the governance role toward corporate directors and shareholders, in addition to corporate disclosure and performance.