Paul Morgan

Project Summary

Interested in Applied exercise performance physiology, currently investigating:

  1. The different models in exercise fatigue
  2. The development of central and peripheral fatigue
  3. Muscle damage, fatigue and recovery

Supervisory Team

Dr Stephen Bailey, Dr Anni Vanhatalo, Associate Professor Jo Bowtell, Professor Andy Jones (University of Exeter)

Wider Research Interests

My main research interests lie within exercise physiology, notably in athletic populations and the factors that affect performance. Key interests include:

  • Exercise Fatigue
  • Applied Supplementation
  • Applied Physiology
  • Muscle damage and recovery
  • Strength and conditioning

I also hold a keen interest in all other aspects of Sport Science that contribute to exercise performance, in particular the biomechanical factors in the optimisation of performance and prevention and treatment of injury.

Authored Publications/Works in preparation

Black, M.I., Morgan, P.M., Vanhatalo, A., Bowtell, J., Mileva., K.N, & Jones, A.M. (Unpublished). Central and Peripheral Fatigue development in Male Cyclists. Original investigation. [In Press]