Dr Paul Rose

February 2017

PSYM205 current research in animal behaviour

Lectures to MSc Animal Behaviour students on welfare, stress physiology and hormonal control of behaviour.

September 2015 to present

PSY2214: Observations and Experiments in Animal Behaviour

Lectures and practicals delivered for the first five weeks of a second year, optional, year on how to watch, record and define animal behaviour in a range of scenarios. Practical and theory for use by Psychology undergraduates in future research project.

December 2012 to present

MSc research skills unit

Recording and measuring behaviour in the zoo.

For MSc Animal Behaviour students. The principles of watching, recording and evaluating the behaviour that is performed by captive wild animals.

Recording and measuring animal behaviour.

An introduction to various recording and sampling techniques, and what behaviours to define and observe.

October 2011 to present

PSY1105 Introduction to Animal Behaviour & Evolution

A level one introductory unit examining the range and function of behaviours displayed in the animal kingdom. I deliver formal lectures to first year undergraduates in Psychology and Biosciences, and I run tutorials and a behavioural observation practical.

October 2011 to present

MSc Animal Behaviour project supervision

Various students, working on projects relating to flamingo behaviour and welfare, wildfowl activity patterns, and giraffe welfare projects.