Polly Lord

Department: Employment Law
Discipline: School of Law

Project Summary

My research broadly examines employment law within agriculture, specifically small to medium size farms. My focus is on those farmers who traditionally operate small scale livestock based operations. Through utilising the legal concept of “reasonable practicability”, my empirical work examines what minimum legislative standards in employment law are reasonable in practice, and questions how should the law adapt within this.


Supervisory Team

Prof. Liz Trinder

Dr. Matt Lobley 

Wider Research Interests

My wider interests are set within the world of work and industrial relations research and how the law can and should be adapted to ensure it works for people in reality, with particular reference to atypical working arrangements.

As such, I am currently interested in the development of the concept of precarious employment, and how this debate can be extended to provide some solutions to the intrinsic problems in moving away from standardised contracts.