Dr Shaun A. Mudd



College: College of Humanities
Discipline: Classics and Ancient History
Department: Classics and Ancient History

I am a classicist/ancient historian working on alcohol consumption in ancient Greco-Roman society. My PhD research was inspired by the anthropologist Mary Douglas' edited volume, Constructive Drinking, and it accordingly attempted to limit the bias towards focusing upon the 'destructive' in the study of ancient Roman drinking by investigating Greco-Roman society's views on the constructive aspects of drinking.

I favour an interdisciplinary approach, and as such I intend my research to be significant as case studies for anthropologists, sociologists and medics in their own research on alcohol consumption in societies.  Furthermore, my research provides a way to understand the deep historical roots of modern Western society’s relationship with, and beliefs about, alcohol.

Office Hours: Currently by appointment (email) or good fortune.