Alessandro Ghidoni

Personal details






University of Exeter

PhD at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies. Thesis title: The Ship Timbers from the Islamic Site of al-Balid: A Case Study of Sewn-Plank Technology in the Indian Ocean


Professional/research experience

2018 - present:

Uk and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Research Consultant - Bronze Age Boat Project, Zayed University, Abu Dhabi.




2017 - 2020:


Consultant/Reviewer of collection for Oman Across the Ages Museum, Oman.

June 2015 - June 2015:

Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The Abu Dhabi TCA Boats and Ancient Harbours Project - Consultant

An initial interdisciplinary maritime landscapes survey for the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority, conducted to assess the state of maritime heritage in Abu Dhabi

July 2010 - December 2016:

Oman and India.

Oman Maritime 

Technical Director

An Omani government initiative involved in a variety of experimental archaeological and heritage projects designed to preserve and promote Oman’s maritime past, including the projects listed below:


The German University of Technology Museum of the History of Islamic Science Maritime Section Project: A project to construct, install and provide panels for a 12-m long thirteenth-century sewn boat reconstruction (the Al-Ḥarīrī Boat), two sail samples, two scaled-models, three navigational instruments, and tool and materials displays for the Museum of the History of Islamic Science, Oman (2012-2016); 

- The Oman National Museum Maritime History Gallery Project: An Omani government project to construct and provide panels of three full-size vessels (a nineteenth century sewn reconstruction, a third millennium BCE reed craft, and a date-palm craft), nine full-size boat sections, nine scaled-models, seven navigational instruments, and tool and materials displays for the National Museum of Oman (2011-2016); 

- The Zaruqah Project: an Omani government initiative to build two traditional boats (zaruqah) from Musandam and re-introduce Omani youth to sailing traditional craft (2010-2016);

The Babylonian Ark Project – Construction Supervisor and Consultant: A project to construct a 12-m circular reed boat based on the translation of a 2nd Millennium cuneiform tablet from Mesopotamia for an international documentary. The project was based in Alleppey, Kerala, Southern India (2013-2014); 

The Oman et la Mer Project (2013-2014): an exhibition on Oman's maritime heritage held at the Musee de la Marine, Paris; 

Maritime Footprints Project (2013): A survey of the maritime landscape of the island of Masirah, Oman; 

- The Sambuq al-Dhi’b Project: An Omani government initiative to document and build a replica of the last sailing sambuq of Oman, the 16-m long vessel al-Dhi’b, currently on display at the Sumhuram Archaeological Park in Khor Rori, Dhofar  (2011-2013); 

October 2008 - July 2010:


Technical Director

Reconstruction of a 9th-century sewn plank boat based on the Belitung Wreck remains. Ship sailed successfully from Oman to Singapore. 

Participated in the construction and in the voyage. 

November 2007 - October 2008:

Reggio Emilia, and Treviglio, Italy.

Rescue Archaeologist

With this archaeological cooperative society, participated in two rescue archaeology excavations:

2007 - 2008: Excavation of the site of S. Ilario d'Enza, Taneto (RE), Italy. The project was under the scientific direction of the Emilia-Romagna Archaeological Superintendence. Responsibilities included excavation and topographic survey of the settlement. 

- 2008: Preventive Archaeological Survey and Excavation at Treviglio (BG), Italy, under the scientific direction of the Archaeological Superintendence of Lombardia. 

May 2007 - November 2007:

Cesena, Italy

Rescue Archaeologist

Participated in a rescue archaeology excavation in northern Italy organized by a cooperative dedicated to the recovery and development of Italy’s archaeological, architectonical, and artistic heritage. The project was under the scientific direction of the Emilia-Romagna Archaeological Superintendence.

October 2004 - September 2005:

Sur, Oman.

Site Manager at the Magan Boat Project, Sur, Ministry of Heritage and Culture. Project to build and sail a reconstruction of a sea-going Early Bronze Age reed boat. 

March 2003 - April 2003:

Qalhat, Oman.

Archaeologist at the Qalhat Project, Ministry of Heritage and Culture of Oman, an underwater archaeological survey and land-based DGPS survey of the ancient city of Qalhat, Eastern Oman. 

February 2002 - December 2002:

Ravenna, Italy

Site Manager at the Magan Boat Project, Ravenna, Italy, the construction of 13-metre Bronze Age reed-built boat based on the evidence  from the 3rdmillennium-BC site of Ra's al-Jinz, Oman. 

2001 - 2003:

Parma, Italy.

Rescue Archaeologist

Participated in several rescue archaeology excavations in northern Italy funded and coordinated by a consulting cooperative dedicated to cultural and archaeological preservation. Responsibilities included excavation and documentation of the following settlements.

2000 - 2002:

Sultanate of Oman

Involved in the Magan Boat Project, a reconstruction of a III millennium BC prototype of reed boat based on the evidence found in the Bronze Age site of Ra’s al Jinz, Oman. 

1998 - 2007:

University of Bologna and Ministry of Heritage and Culture of Oman

Participated in the Joint Hadd Project, an Italian-French archaeological mission to the Sultanate of Oman, under the supervision of the Department of Archaeology, University of Bologna, IsIAO (Rome), and Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique (Paris). Scientific direction was provided by Prof. Maurizio Tosi, University of Bologna, and Dr. Serge Cleuziou, CNRS. The Joint Hadd Project is a multi-disciplinary program of research, which has carried out several survey and excavation campaigns in Ja’lan, Oman, since 1985. 


Excavation and documentation of the Bronze Age settlement of HD6, Ra’s al-Hadd, Oman, during 6 excavation campaigns. 

Expedition manager of the Joint Hadd Project (Italian Archaeological Mission) for the year 2007.