Cristina Martinez Carrillo

Cristina Martínez Carrillo



College: College of Humanities
Discipline: Archaeology
Department: Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for Islamic Archaeology

Cristina Martínez Carrillo is an Al-Qasimi doctoral researcher at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies (IAIS) at the University of Exeter and is a member of the Centre for Islamic Archaeology.  

Her doctoral research focuses mainly on the archaeological study of the Islamic period in Iberia from the 8th century to the 13th, studying ceramics from the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula, using traditional methods and new technologies. With this she aims to understand the economic exchanges, the migration patterns and the cultural transmissions that took place in the Mediterranean, studying the societies of Al-Andalus and its international relations and role in the Global Middle Ages.


She received an MA in History of Europe and America from the University of Granada (Spain) and a BA in Archaeology of Al-Andalus from the same university.  



She has participated in several archaeological diggings in Spain, as part of the MEMOLab, a biocultural archaeology laboratory based in the University of Granada. Among others, she has worked in Spain in the Alcazaba of Almería (2021-2023) and the fortified town of Mojácar (2018-2022) - sites that are part of the case studies for her PhD thesis. She has also participated in a field season in Bahrain (2022).