Elizabeth Micaković



College: College of Humanities
Discipline: English
Department: English
Research Centre/Unit: Twentieth Century Literature

Having completed both my BA and MA at the University of Exeter, I was awarded a part time teaching post (Britische Lektorin/British Lecturer) at the University of Salzburg, Austria in 2007. Following the completion of my first year at Salzburg I was made a full time lecturer (Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin) on a permanent basis in 2008. In this capacity I taught and convened 7 English language and culture seminars per semester, whilst I convened and delivered the lecture course "The Civilization of the British Isles," a compulsory historical course for undergraduate students in English. In addition to my teaching duties I undertook the proofreading and copyediting of manuscripts for publication on behalf of the head of department at the Department of English and American Studies. I continue to be a member of the translation team for the University of Salzburg's biennial Research and Teaching Reports.

In September 2010, I returned to the UK to pursue my PhD in Modernist Studies, having obtained a full bursary from the University of Exeter. In March 2011 I was subsequently awarded a full AHRC doctoral scholarship.