Hannah West


6th July 2015:

International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds

'Religious Houses and Pastoral Provision in Fifteenth-Century Bridgwater'

20th March 2013:

Orme Symposium, Devon & Exeter Institution

‘Rural Piety: Religious Houses and the cura animarum in Late Medieval Somerset’

Public Lectures

11th November 2019:

Bridgwater Blake Museum

'Life and Death in Late Medieval Bridgwater: The Friars of Friarn Street'

10th April 2015:

Wembdon Village Hall

'Wembdon Before the Reformation: A Hidden Hinterland Community'

16th October 2014:

Bridgwater Baptist Church

'The Franciscan Friars in Late Medieval Somerset'

12th November 2013:

Bridgwater Blake Museum

'Bridgwater's Late Medieval Friary: Tales of Friars and Knights'


14th September 2015:

Wells Cathedral

'The Bishop's Register: A Record of Pastoral Care in Late Medieval Somerset'

12th February 2015:

Bridgwater Blake Museum

‘A Research Update and Exhibition’