Henry Marsh


2nd July 2018:

Leeds International Medieval Congress

Constructing the Future and the Past

14th July 2017:

Medieval Chronicles VIII

Richard II’s Rejection of Counsel

6th July 2017:

Leeds IMC

A Convenient 'Other': Secular Lords in the Westminster Chronicle

19th May 2017:

Gendered Voices

The Third Gender of the Clergy? The Voices of the Late Medieval Chroniclers

3rd March 2017:

Past Futures: Temporality and Space in the Middle Ages

Adam of Usk and the Riddle of the Future

2nd February 2017:

Ex Historia Symposium

A Chivalric Canon: Henry Knighton and Martial Prowess

18th April 2016:

Exeter PGR Humanities Conference

Twenty minute paper entitled 'Symbolic Communication: Adam of Usk's accounts of the Coronations of Richard II and Henry IV' at the Exeter Postgraduate Humanities Conference 2016, 'Communication and Interaction'.

11th February 2016:

Ex Historia Symposium

Twenty minute paper entitled 'Adam of Usk and the Greyhound: Medieval Portents', at the Ex Historia symposium series, based at the University of Exeter.

Graduate School Skills Workshops

February 2016:

LTHE 1 and 2

I completed the Learning and Teaching in Higher Education courses at the University of Exeter as well as completing shadowing and teaching tasks in order to work towards achieving Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy.