Katherine Morton

November 2012

Gender and Geography (Lecture)

Gave a lecture discussing gender and practices of cosmetic surgery, situated within wider geographical discussions of health and well-being.

March 2012

Geography Field Trip- New York

Providing teaching support on a second year field trip to New York, engaging with a range of Human Geography issues within the city.

October 2011 to present

GEO1110: Investigating Human Geographies (Graduate Teaching Assistant)

This module is centred around active learning, with students conducting independent fieldwork, informed by additional lectures and workshops. This approach encourages the development of crucial skills including chairing meetings, giving feedback, negotiating and working with others, along with the academic skills of critical thinking and presenting persuasive arguments.

October 2010 to present

GEO2310: Human Geography Practice (Graduate Teaching Assistant)

This second-year module is focussed around supporting students in the development of topics and appropriate methodologies for their forthcoming dissertation.