Kris Hill

Department: SPA
Discipline: Sociology and Philosophy
Research Centre/Unit: Exeter Anthrozoology as Symbiotic Ethics (EASE)

Project Summary

A right to roam? A trans-species approach to understanding cat-human relations and discourses associated with free-roaming urban cats

Cats  (Felis catus) have been living alongside humans (Homo sapiens) for several millennia, and today the domestic cat roams neighbourhoods worldwide. However, times are changing. There are environmental concerns regarding the impact of cats, particularly free-living populations, on wildlife. While some residents enjoy feline visitors, others consider them unwelcome nuisances. Busy roads pose a significant danger, and the relatively recent, and somewhat controversial phenomenon of the ‘indoor-only cat’ is in part a response to the various outdoor threats. Through discourse analysis of media reports, social media commentary and exchanges, survey responses, interviews, and behavioural observations, my research explores the dynamics of contemporary cat-human relations. 


Supervisory Team

Primary supervisor: Professor Sam Hurn

Second supervisor: Professor Mike Micheal

Wider Research Interests

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