Luke Thompson

Recent Publications

November 2015:

PN Review

Article on nun-poet Sister Mary Agnes

August 2015:


Article about nun-poet Sister Mary Agnes.

May 2015:

The Bishop and the Elk

Short fiction, published by Penryn Press.

February 2015:

The Cornish Banner

Paper on the correspondence between A. L. Rowse and Jack Clemo.

December 2014:


'Clay Country'. A 3500 word creative non-fiction piece on the China Clay region of Cornwall, published by Clutag Press in Archipelago Nine. 


In the same issue is an uncollected poem by Jack Clemo, discovered during research in the Exeter archives, and images from the China Clay History Society.

August 2014:

The Powys Journal

'Chalk Heart and Clay Heart'. Paper on Jack Clemo and the Powys connection, focussing on Powyses Theodore, Littleton and Susie.

24th July 2014:

The Clearing

'An Interview with Tim Dee'.

May 2014:

PN Review

'Blind Girl at a Service'. During archival research I've found a number of unpublished works. One of these is presented here with a contextual piece.

7th March 2014:

The Clearing

Editing and introducing 'Barney's Tricks', an uncollected Cornish dialect tale written by Jack Clemo and rediscovered in the collections at Wheal Martyn China Clay Museum.

December 2013:

Dorset Year Book

' "The Fulfilled Believer": Jack Clemo in Dorset​.' A feature on Jack Clemo's relationship with Dorset, focussing on his move to Weymouth in 1984, and the poetry published by the Dorset Year Book.

December 2013:

Cornish Studies 21

'The Happy Chance of Jack Clemo'. An essay included in the 2013 edition of Cornish Studies, edited by Philip Payton and published by University of Exeter Press.

20th September 2013:

The Clearing

Creative non-fiction piece, 'Stupid Cow', published online:

1st August 2013:

The Cornish Banner

Paper 'The Cornish Bond', reviewing Jack Clemo's response to the Celtic Revival movement.

11th May 2013:

Ink, Sweat and Tears

Review of Adam Marek's latest short story collection, 'The Stone Thrower'.

6th May 2013:

Little Toller, publisher

Creative non-fiction piece on Cubert and Holywell Bay, with my own photographs, and with charcoal drawings by Stuart Rowe.

1st May 2013:

Cornwall Today

'Celebrating Cornwall's Oddest Writer.' Biographical article about Jack Clemo for Cornwall Today's new series on Cornish poets.


July 2014:

Wheal Martyn Park

Co-curator with Jo Moore of a month-long exhibition to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Jack Clemo's death and to raise money for the conservation of his writing desk, which is to be on permanent display.

31st May 2013:

Jack Clemo Exhibition

A ten day exhibition of materials from the University of Exeter's Special Collections, the Royal Institution of Cornwall, Wheal Martyn Collections, Trethosa Chapel Memorial Room and private collections. The exhibition showed Clemo's letters, poetry and manuscripts as well as responses to his life and writing from other artists. Participating artists included Lionel Miskin, Tony Martin, Heather Spears, Kyla Sidwell and Patricia Jenkins.


June 2015:

The Charles Causley Festival

Talk on the friendship between Charles Causley and Jack Clemo, and their influence on one another. The talk will be a fundraiser for the Sir Arthur Quiller Couch Memorial Fund. 

May 2015:

Fowey Festival of Words and Music

A talk on Jack Clemo, introduced and framed by a forgotten Daphne du Maurier letter referring to a younger Clemo.

10th November 2014:

Guest Speaker

Speaking at Penryn Campus on the life of Clemo, revealing it through the poetry, as well as the methodology of writing his biography.

25th July 2014:

The Sensory Trust

Collaborative talk and readings on Jack Clemo at St Austell Library for The Sensory Trust, with Ivor Bowditch.

5th November 2012:

Old Cornwall Society

Talk on Jack Clemo for the Old Cornwall Society in Gorran Haven. Focus on the 1930s and research material.


May 2016:

A Proper Mizz-Maze

A collection of Jack Clemo's dialect tales, many unpublished, which were uncovered during research in the archives at Wheal Martyn. Edited and with an introduction by me. (London: Francis Boutle.)

May 2016:

Clay Phoenix

Biography of Jack Clemo

May 2015:

Selected Poetry

Selected Poetry of Jack Clemo, edited by me and introduced by Rowan Williams. Published by Enitharmon.


6th December 2014:

Charles Causley Symposium

Causley played a big part in publicising Clemo's work and supporting him in his private life. This paper will look at the relationship between Clemo and Causley, from Causley's appearance as Best Man at Clemo's wedding, to the passing influence of Causley's work on Clemo's.

5th July 2014:

Soils and Narrative

'The Clay in the Potter's Hand': Jack Clemo on clay. A paper given at Falmouth University exploring Clemo's relationship with his landscape's defining feature, kaolin or China clay.

31st May 2013:

Kindling the Scarp: Jack Clemo

Joint organiser of this IAS-funded two-day conference and events. With support from Wheal Martyn Museum, Exeter University, Warwick University and Imerys. Interviews and Features in the Cornish Guardian, St Austell Voice, BBC Radio Cornwall, BBC Online, St Austell Bay FM, Cornwall Today, Hardy Society, Cornish Banner, IAS website, and many more. With Dr Gemma Goodman of Warwick University.

26th April 2013:

Regionalism and Representation

Jack Clemo: in situ and out of place. Paper given at this interdisciplinary symposium at the University of Warwick on Jack Clemo's sense of place and being placed.


25th July 2014:

BBC Radio Cornwall

Feature commemorating the twentieth anniversary of Clemo's death. Also featured online.


Community Radio Appearances

CHBN - Truro-based community radio show. 45 minute interview on Jack Clemo (9 July 2014)

St Austell Bay FM - Hour long feature on Clemo (25 July 2014)


14th May 2013:

BBC Radio Cornwall

Introduction to Jack Clemo on BBC Radio Cornwall's Tiffany Truscott show.

Graduate School Skills Workshops

20th September 2013:


Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, stage 1.

Editorial Team

1st January 2013:

The Clearing

'The Clearing is an occasional magazine of bold new writing that seeks to explore and energise the cultures of place in the twenty-first century, adventurous in vision, experimental in form, and generous in exposition. Here you will find writing that challenges conventions of landscape and nature in order to imagine anew the world into which we have emerged.' From


1st June 2013:

Roots of My Story

Producer and director of a film on Jack Clemo, Trethosa Chapel and the clay country, working with The Motion Farm film company.


4th November 2013:

'and Alex was frustrated'

On November 4th anti-folk band Quiet Marauder are releasing their four-volume album Men, with Bubblewrap Collective record label. Album includes track 'and Alex was frustrated', with words by me.