Maria Blanco-Palencia


August 2014:


Conference Paper “Radical Constituencies in Collective Action: Collectivities, and Ideology in Al-Hirak Al-Shababy Al-Urduny (Jordanian Youth Movement)” in the panel ‘Politics of Contestation: The Jordanian Hirak (popular protest movement)’ at WOCMES 2014. Ankara, Turkey.

August 2014:


Panel organizer. Panel titled ‘Politics of Contestation: The Jordanian Hirak (popular protest movement). WOCMES 2014, Ankara, Turkey.

30th September 2013:

Contentious Politics in the Middle East, LSE Middle East Centre, London School of Economics, LSE. London

Paper "Radical Activism in Collective Action: Organization, Ideology, and Strategy in the Hirak movement of Jordan"

10th May 2013:

Annual Postgraduate Conference and Research Methods Festival of the University of Exeter, Exeter,

Paper "The Study of Protest in Authoritarian States: a Critical Approach to Political Process Theory (PPT)"

5th September 2012:

Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics, and Ethics, CAPPE. University of Brighton, UK

Paper “Social Movements of Protest in Jordan: Towards Change or Continuity?” in the Panel “The Arab Revolts: Change or Continuity”.

11th June 2012:

BRISMES GS, London School of Economics LSE, London

Paper “A Tense Stability: Explaining the Appearance and Development of Social Movements of Protest in Jordan” in the Panel “More Continuity Than Change? Understanding the Resilience of Oppressive Political and Social Structures”

Graduate School Skills Workshops

November 2014:


Participant in Working Group 3 titled ‘Social Movements and Civil Society’ at CAPOLCOT International Conference on Political Change and Territorial Conflicts in North Africa and the Middle East []. 13th-14th November 2014. Granada, Spain. 

30th October 2013:

Workshop contribution on Presenting at conferences. Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies Social Sciences Cluster. University of Exeter, Exeter, UK

21st November 2012:

Designing and Conducting Interviews (University of Exeter, UK)

Introducing the theoretical basis and different types of interviewing techniques.

19th November 2012:

Advanced SPSS Course (University of Exeter, UK)

Data entry, data coding, data cleaning. Variable labels and value labels. Descriptive analysis, scale construction. Non-parametric tests: chi-square categorical (frequency) data, one variable; cross-tabs categorical (frequency) data, two or more variables; Fisher’s Exact test; Wilcoxon; Mann-Witney; Friedman; Kruskal-Wallis. Parametric tests: T-Test; Correlation. Analysis of variance (ANOVA)

Postgraduate Training

February 2011:

Instituto Universitario General Gutiérrez Mellado, of the UNED and the Spanish Ministry of Defence. Madrid, Spain

VI Course of International Crisis Management.

November 2010:

Instituto Robert Schuman de Estudios Europeos, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid, Spain

Diploma of European Politics of Security and Defence.

September 2009:

Specialised Arabic-Spanish Translation.

Legal, economic, and journalistic translation, as well as simultaneous and consecutive interpretation.