Mehrdad Alipour

Personal details




Sep 2017- Present                  

PhD Student in Arab and Islamic Studies (University of Exeter)

Apr 2001-Sep 2007                

PhD in Comparative Philosophy (University of Qom: Centre of Tarbiat Modarres, Iran)

Oct 1998-Dec 2000                

MA in Theology and Islamic Sciences (University of Qom: Centre of Tarbiat Modarres, Iran)




Professional/research experience


Jul 2016- Sep 2017

Utrecht University (Visiting Scholar)

Sep 2015- Jun 2016               

NIAS (Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities) Research Fellow

Oct 2014- Feb 2016               

VU University Amsterdam (Researcher in Residence)

Mar 2010- Feb 2012              

McGill University, Department of Philosophy, Montreal (Visiting Scholar)

Mar 2008-May 2013              

Ḥawzah and University: Research Institute for Social Sciences and Islamic Studies (Department of Philosophy of Social Sciences), Iran (Assistant Professor)

Sep 2000- Mar 2010              

Seminary (Ḥawzah) of Qom (Lecturer of Uṣūl al-fiqh, Fiqh, and Philosophy of Ijtihād)                     


CV: Membership of Professional Bodies/Professional Qualifications


2015-       International Association for the study of Religion and Gender

2016-       NIAS Fellows Association (NFA)

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More Recent Publications:

. Shīʿa neo-Traditionalist scholars and theology of homosexuality: review and reflections on Mohsen Kadivar’s Shifting Approach. (2018). Theology and Sexuality. Vol. 24(3), 200- 218 DOI:

. Toleransi Syariat Islam Kasus Operasi Ganti Kelamin Transeksual: kajian terhadap Fatwa Ayatollah Khomeini dan Syekh Tantawi. (2018). In Costly Tolerance: Tantangan Baru Dialog Muslim-Keisten di Indonesia dan Belanda. Suhadi (ed.). Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Center for Religion and Cross-cultural Studies: pp. 113- 147.

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. Islamic Sharī‘a Law, Neo-Traditionalist Muslim Scholars and Transgender Sex-Reassignment Surgery: A Case Study of Ayatullah Khomeini’s and Sheikh al-Tantawi’s Fatwas. (2017). International Journal of Transgenderism. Vol. 18(1), 91- 103. DOI:

- This article is reprinted in The Fatwa as an Islamic Legal Instrument: Concept, Historical Role, Contemporary Relevance, edited by Carool Kersten, Published in 2018. Berlin, Germany: Gerlach Press, Vol. 3: 261- 282. 

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