Mike Rose-Steel

Department: English
Discipline: English

Project Summary

I have recently completed my PhD entitled "Wittgenstein and Poetry: Negotiations of the Inexpressible". In it I have argued for a practice-oriented reading of Wittgenstein that takes into account some of the supposedly marginal elements of his writing, such as aesthetics, ethics, style and religion. The reading is fleshed out through comparison with the concerns and techniques of poetry, including case-studies of Wallace Stevens, Jorie Graham, John Burnside and Kei Miller.

My research interests include interdisciplinary approaches to poetry, philosophy and critical theory, modernist literature and culture, creative writing pedagogy, the inexpressible and the ineffable in literature, theology and grammar, animal rights, translation studies and the technologies of thought.



Supervisory Team

My PhD supervisors have been Profs. Regenia Gagnier and Andry Brown at Exeter. My thesis was examined by Prof. Robert Eaglestone (Royal Holloway) and Dr John Bolin (Exeter).



Wider Research Interests

 Publications (Academic)

Dec 2016         ‘I will draw a map of what you never see’: Cartographic metaphor in Wittgenstein’s                                           Philosophical Investigations.’ Literary Studies and the Philosophy of Literature: New                                       Interdisciplinary Directions. eds. Philip Gaydon and Andrea Selleri. Basingstoke: Palgrave                              MacMillan.

Jan 2016          ‘The Wittgenstein Vector’ Kadar Koli vol. 10. Toronto: eth press.

Dec 2015         ‘Of Metaphors and Maps: Cartographic thinking and the poetry of Kei Miller.’ Politics of Place,                       Green Connections Edition. University of Exeter.

Apr 2015        ‘Tweeting the Rose: Poetic Constraints’, Roman de la Rose Digital Library, Johns Hopkins                              University.

Aug 2014        ‘The Mysterious and the Marginal: The Incubation of Poetry Within and About the Occult                                 Writing of Sir John Grantner’, The Dovetail 1stIssue, Bangor University.



Feb 2017         ‘Review: Contextual Metaphilosophy: The Case of Wittgenstein by Dimitris Gakis’ British                                Wittgenstein Society. (forthcoming)

July 2015         ‘Review: Jack Clemo, Selected Poems’, ed. Luke Thompson. Ambit Magazine.

Oct 2015         ‘Review: A Fright of Jays, by Marc Woodward’, Ink, Sweat and Tears Magazine.


Papers (Academic)

June 2015        ‘Poetry and the spirit of philosophy: towards renewal and failure.’                                                                  Wittgenstein and Interreligious Communications, Woolfe Institute, Cambridge.

Mar 2014        ‘Towards a Grammar of Ineffability.’ 21st-Century Theories of Literature, University of Warwick.

May 2014        ‘Writing at the limits of the wor(l)d: the poetry of Jorie Graham.’ Tradition, Technology and                               Transition, University of Exeter.

Nov 2013        ‘Pseudo-Dionysius and The Grammar of the Inexpressible.’ Lecture to the Philosophy Society,                      University of Exeter.

May 2013        ‘Conflictive Metaphors: The ups and downs of ineffability.’ Identity and Place, University of                             Exeter.  

May 2012        ‘Dangerous Poetry.’ College of Humanities Postgraduate Research Conference, University of                         Exeter.

Feb 2002         ‘On the philosophical Logic of Jokes.’ Warwick Philosophy Department Annual Conference,                            Cumberland Lodge, Windsor.


Poetry and Installations

Sept 2016        The Image is Itself

                        Exhibition and reading at Hinsely Hall, Leeds.

Aug 2016        Golden Age Dutch Poetry in Translation        

                        Poetry pamphlet and public lectures, with Esther van Raamsdonk.        

Aug 2015        Lambent Dreams

                        With Jim Webster, poetry pamphlet, Exeter: Spindlebox Press.

June 2015        Wor(l)ds in Collision

Art Exhibition, University of Exeter. Text-art with Wittgensteinian themes, co-curator with Jaime Robles.

Apr 2015        Paraphernalium

                        Poetry pamphlet, with Isabelle Galleymore and Wai Hsien-Wan.Exeter: Spindlebox Press.

Jan 2014 &

June 2015        The Wittgenstein Vector

                        An Exegesis project installation. Design by Mike Rose-Steel and Jaime Robles.

June 2014        The Long Goodbye

                        An Exegesis project. Coordination by SMSteele.

May 2014        The Wittgenstein Vector

                        An Exegesis project. Poetry pamphlet, with SMSteele and Jaime Robles

Mar 2014        Drawing Over is Drawing Under

                        Poetry pamphlet, with Isabelle Galleymore and Wai Hsien-Wan. Exeter: Spindlebox Press.

Mar 2014        On the Wall

                        Film made for presentation at 21st-Century Theories of Literature, University of Warwick.

Feb 2013         51 Shades of Black and Blue

                        Poetry pamphlet and cabaret, with SMSteele and Jaime Robles.  

Apr 2012        Wall of Miracles

                        An Exegesis project installation. Design by Jaime Robles

Sept 2006        New Poets vol.3

                        Poetry Pamphlet. Coventry: Heaventree Press.


Individual poems have appeared in The Clearing, The Broadsheet, Kadar Koli and elsewhere.