Nancy Littlefield


Telephone: 512-245-8734 

College: College of Humanities

Nancy Velchoff Littlefield is the Director and Lab manager for the Gault Project and is currently a Board officer with the Gault School of Archaeological Research, a not-for-profit Texas corporation which manages and preserves the Gault site and also encourages multidisciplinary research in the field of archaeology. Years of working in both medical and legal fields, a lifelong curiosity in rocks (cultural and geological) led her to the Texas Archaeological Society providing an opportunity to volunteer full-time at the Gault site. Under the careful direction of Dr. Collins and Dr. Clark Wernecke, Nancy eventually managed and directed the excavations at the Gault site for 4 years (2008-2012) before joining The Gault Project as paid staff at Texas State University in San Marcos.