Natasha Feiner

January 2016 to present

Approaches to History (HIH1401)

This module examines the different ways that historians have approached (and continue to approach) historical research, whether these are based on differences in methodology, theoretical influences, or subject matter. 

I design and lead seminars based on my doctoral research, approve students' coursework questions, and mark their essays and exam scripts.

September 2015 to present

Making History (HIH1400)

Making History provides students with some of the essential practical and intellectual tools for the study of the subject. Over the course of seven seminars students are taught the skills they need to conduct their own research for a group project.

In my role as seminar tutor I assign the topics that students research. In the past, these have included gender and mental health in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, neurasthenia and fatigue syndromes in nineteenth-century Britain, and psychiatry in the First and Second World Wars.

In addition to personally setting coursework questions for students, I mark and give feedback on group projects, learning logs, and presentations.