Rebecca Rixon

Department: Geography

Project Summary

Using geomorphological mapping and exposure ages from Terrestrial Cosmogenic Nuclide  Analysis (10Be, 26Al, 21Ne) to reconstruct the deglacial histories of the Antarctic Peninsula and Outer Hebrides since the Last Glacial Maximum.

Supervisory Team

  • Dr  Tim Barrows (University of Exeter)
  • Dr Anne Le Brocq (University of Exeter)
  • Dr Christopher Fogwill (University of Exeter and University of New South Wales)
  • Prof. Christian Turney (University of New South Wales)
  • Dr Jeremy Everest (British Geological Survey)

Authored Publications/Reports

P. J. Talling, R. B. Wynn, D. N. Schmmidt, R. Rixon, E. Sumner, and L. Amy (1st October 2009) How Did Thin Submarine Debris Flows Carry Boulder-Sized Intraclasts for Remarkable Distances Across Low Gradients to the Far Reaches of the Mississippi Fan?, Journal of Sedimentary Research, 80 (10), 829-851