Rhian Keyse


6th July 2017:

Gender and Generation in African History

Paper Presented: 'Girlhood, Violence and Justice in Western Kenya, 1940-1945'

1st June 2017:

Cadbury Conference 2017: Marriage in Africa

Paper presented: '"The Accused Is Not My Husband": Forced Marriage, Justice, and Resistance in the Case of Zeruya Akach, 1942-45'.

6th December 2016:

African Studies Association, Washington D.C.

Paper Presented: 'Polygamy in the Age of Human Rights: The Fon of Bikom, 1947-54'

June 2016:

Empire and Humanitarianism

Paper Presented: 'Polygamy in the Age of Human Rights: Humanitarianism, Human Rights, and Forced Marriage in Cameroon, 1947-54'

March 2016:

John W. Kluge Center Seminar Series, Library of Congress

Paper Presented: 'A Certain Amount of Resistance is the Correct Thing in a Swazi Bride': Consent, Coercion, and Agency in the case of Sitomiya Khumalo, 1932'.

24th September 2015:

ExHistoria Symposium Series

Paper presented: '"A certain amount of resistance...is the correct thing in a Swazi bride": Forced marriage and the issue of consent in the case of Sitomiya Khumalo, 1932'.

June 2015:

Society for the History of Childhood and Youth Biennial Conference

Presented paper, 'Debating girlhood at the Colonial Office' as part of a Round Table Discussion on 'Histories of Black Girlhood: Innovations and New Directions'

April 2015:

Ex Historia Symposium Series

Paper presented, 'Polygamy in the Age of Human Rights: The Fon of Bikom, 1947-1955'

7th March 2013:

ExHistoria Symposium Series

Paper presented: 'Gendered narratives in the trials of women accused of genocide in Rwanda'.

13th December 2012:

Remembering Bristol's Empire: Archives, Artifacts and Commemoration, University of Bristol

Conference attended

15th May 2010:

Researching Africa Workshop: Predictability and Unpredictability in Africa, St Antony's College/African Studies Centre, University of Oxford

Conference attended

17th April 2010:

Histories and Legacies of Punishment in Southern Africa, Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford

Conference attended.

Graduate School Skills Workshops

11th January 2013:

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education - Stage 1



British Research Council Fellow, John W. Kluge Center, Library of Congress, Washington DC


Global Humanitarian Research Academy Fellow