Rob Fuller

Department: Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies
Discipline: Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies

Project Summary

“The orientation of the Kaʿba to Jerusalem: two sanctuaries. An older love affair.”

"And they shall make for Me a sanctuary (mikdash/ מקדש) and I will dwell מנוחה among them" (Ex. 25.8)

My research is focussed on two areas. The first is that the Kaʿba in Mecca appears to be pointing to Jerusalem. The second is a critical analysis of the “cleansing” of the Kaʿba by Muḥammad in 630 CE. The current working hypothesis is whether the original images of the Abraham, the prophets, Jesus & Mary were from an earlier messianic Jewish sanctuary, desecrated by a later imposition of divination symbols after the Hijra (622).

Supervisory Team

István T Kristó-Nagy

Senior Lecturer in Arabic and Islamic Studies


Professor Richard Flower

Associate Professor in Classics and Late Antiquity

Authored Publications/Reports

Rob Fuller (6th April 2018) Book Review "Religion and education: comparative and international perspectives" , “Journal of Education for Teaching”, 44(3), 411-412