Dr. Sarah Redicker



College: College of Life and Environmental Sciences
Discipline: Geography
Department: Geography

Sarah is a Post Doctoral Research Associate at the University of Exeter. Her work is positioned at the intersection of development studies, development economics, and human geography and she is experienced in quantitative and qualitative applied research and policy design. Her research focuses on understanding impacts of climatic variability and change on rural livelihoods and economies in order to identify sustainable solutions to poverty and food insecurity. In HABITABLE, she will contribute to developing and testing a model of social tipping points. She completed her doctorate in Development Policy and Management in the Global Development Institute at the University of Manchester and her thesis examined the role of irrigation- development and related adaptation strategies to mitigate impacts of climate change on poverty and food insecurity of smallholder farmers in West Africa using quantitative and qualitative methods. She holds a Master of Arts in Development Studies and Master of Arts in Geography from the University of Passau.