Shibani Das

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Exeter, United Kingdom

The University of Exeter - Ph.D in History                         

Received the AHRC CDP Studentship award to study at the University of Exeter and research in close association with the British Telecommunications Archive and PK Porthcurno Archives.


New Delhi

The Faculty of Arts, Delhi University - Master`s degree                                      

I studied Dalit Histories, History of Labour and Slavery, the 1857 Revolt, Gender and Society in Modern India, History of Nationalism, Stratergies of Imperial Control, Rise of British Power in India, Nazism and Facism in Europe and Asia, Modern South Africa, Society and Culture in Early Europe, South and South East Asia, Central Islamic Lands, Archive and History and the Practise of History.


New Delhi

I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree from Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi. I studied modules on the histories of modern Europe and the West, China, Japan, USSR, and India. I graduated with distinction.


Professional/research experience

December 2019 - March 2021:

Sahapedia, New Delhi

Sahapedia is an open online resource on the arts, cultures, and heritage of India. I worked on the Indian Heritage Walks Festival. I edited articles and walk itineraries for heritage sites across the country. I led a workshop on ´Speech and commanding attention´ for working women from underprivileged backgrounds who sought training as heritage walk conductors. I undertook structural and copy editing for all articles in the Pune Cultural Mapping Project. I coordinated efforts with a team of 10 professionals working from home during Covid. I undertook interviews and wrote about the culinary traditions of Brahmin Families in Pune, Maharashtra.

June 2018 - December 2019:

Ministry of Culture, Government of India, New Delhi

I was employed under a project titled ´Indian Culture´, which is a Ministry of Culture, Government of India led digitization project managed by the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. I curated articles on aspects of Indian history based on primary research conducted at the National Archives of India. I undertook a project focusing on the Nizam´s Jewels and helped create an educational information center to support the exhibition of the jewels within the National Museum, Janpath (New Delhi)

January 2015 - April 2015:

National Museum of Handloom and Handicraft, New Delhi,India

Interned at the National Museum of Handicraft and Handloom for an exhibition on Santhal musical instruments and performative arts in collaboration with the Museum of Reidberg, Zurich. I was responsible for captioning the entire collection, advising on the design of the exhibition, and advising on design of a book published in its aftermath

January 2013 - July 2013:

National Museum, New Delhi, India

Contributed to the curation of the Yuva Saathi Programme. It aimed at training graduate students to become Museum docents for school students. Qualified for and underwent the two-month-long training as well.