Tracey Warren

Department: EdD
Discipline: Education
Research Centre/Unit: Special Needs and Inclusive Education

Project Summary

Working Title of research: Parents’ perspectives on the policy and practice of inclusive education in Dubai private schools

Research for the thesis will focus on the voices of parents in their journey for inclusion in Dubai private schools.  The expectation is to focus on parents whose children have gained a place at mainstream schools, the challenges they have faced and what they have learnt in the process.  Parents have a specific lens on the world of education and particularly those whose children have additional needs.  

Methods will include in-depth interviews with members of government organisations, an online questionnaire to parents of children who have gained a place at school and then follow up with individual face to face narrative interviews to capture their experiences.

Supervisory Team

Christopher Boyle

Brahm Norwich


Wider Research Interests

  • Inclusion in the UK and in an international context
  • Parents role in inclusion
  • The impact of a diagnosis on parents' choices and inclusion into mainstream school