Veronica Vickery

January 2014 to March 2014

GEO 2429 Environment, Place and the Past

I co-taught this 2nd year module as an Associate Lecturer with Dr Caitlin DeSilvey. 

This module examines the contributions geographers make to the study of historic environments and to the investigation of cultural and natural heritage landscapes. Through a series of case studies grounded in Cornwall’s unique environments, students explore the cultural and social aspects of environmental change and continuity, in both historical and contemporary contexts. Field trips to regional archives and designated heritage landscapes encourage students to apply new skills and critical perspectives. Research skills training embedded in the module covers archival research methods and cultural landscape survey methods. A variety of assessment methods are used: an essay; a group presentation; and a two-hour exam.


Grand Challenges 2013

I was a facilitator working with students on the first Exeter Grand Challenges project. Grand Challenges is a week-long summer programme in which undergraduate University of Exeter students work together in interdisciplinary research groups, alongside some of our top academics, to address some of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. The group of students I worked with explored the topical question 'Foodbanks or Fancy Yachts?' Students quickly became excited by the project, setting up interviews with the Trussell Trust in Falmouth, local residents and A&P the largest ship-repair complex in the UK, based in Falmouth Docks. Working from this gathered material they produced a video.

January 2011 to present

Associate Lecturer (Falmouth University), BA Theatre

I teach site-specific performance practices to BA Theatre students at Falmouth. This role involves devising and delivering a programme of study for a teaching group of about 18 students, working as part of a larger 4-person teaching team working across the year group. This work involves teaching the practice and theory of site-based devising practice through sited group devising activities, as well as the assessment of situated projects, marking and moderation.