Vito Morisco

10th January 2020 to 31st March 2020

Armed Islamist Movements: Jihadism and Beyond (ARA3158)

Module convenor: Dr Jonathan Githens-Mazer

1st October 2019 to 15th December 2019

Islamic Movements: From the Muslim Brothers to the Islamic State (ARA2160)

Module convenor: Dr Claire Beaugrand

1st October 2019 to 15th December 2019

History of the Modern Middle East (ARA2170)

Module convenor: Dr Ilan Pappé

14th January 2019 to 1st May 2019

Strategic Theory and Contemporary International Conflict (POL1027)

Module Convenor: Dr Nils-Christian Bormann


14th January 2019 to 29th March 2019

Italian Language (MLI2051)

Module Convenor: Dr Alessia Risi