Will Ingram

Department: College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences
Discipline: Engineering
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for Water System

Project Summary

Will’s research aims to investigate the performance and sustainable implementation of e-Tap based smart water distribution systems for Tanzania and The Gambia. Considering the very interdisciplinary nature of the topic, a range of methodologies will be employed. These include laboratory and field testing of the e-Tap, user profile surveys, data analysis on collected water use data from the e-Taps and identifying barriers to sustainable and equitable upscaling. It is important to understand the socio-economic context for the adoption of the new technology in order to maintain sustainability and equity. The research will guide decision making, and help develop long-term business strategies for up-scaling.

By conducting rigorous academic investigations on such novel technology in the context of piped, rural water supply in sub-Saharan Africa, this research is breaking new ground. While interest in such technology is growing in the development community, little academic work has yet been done to back this up.

Supervisory Team

Professor Fayyaz Ali Memon (Centre for Water System)

Wider Research Interests

Development, water security, global environmental change, climate change, water policy, environmental policy, interdisciplinary research, systems thinking.