Alan Hooker


13th April 2015:

Agatha Christie: Hidden Horizons

I presented a paper entitled, "Just Sly, Quite Old Women": Witches and Masculinity in Agatha Christie's The Pale Horse.

8th July 2014:

International Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature

Presented a paper entitled: "Blessings of Breasts and Womb": God's Compassion and the Construction of Masculinity. 

29th April 2014:

Shifting Boundaries: A University of Exeter Postgraduate Conference

Presented a paper: The Man Eve and His Girlfriend Adam: Bodies, Gender, and Shifting Boundaries in the Garden of Eden

1st June 2013:

Hidden Perspectives (Sheffield)

Presented a paper entitled, "A Man of Unclean Lips: Isaiah, the Temple, and Queer Identities."

26th March 2013:

Talking Bodies: An international, interdisciplinary conference on identity, sexuality, and representation (University of Chester)

Along with JC Bernthal, I presented a paper entitled, "The Living Dead Guy: Erotic Bodies and Souls that Matter in Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me."

10th March 2012:

17th Joint Postgraduate Theology and Religious Studies Conference (University of Bristol)

I presented a paper entitled, The Word Re-membered: Yahweh, Israel, and the Prophetic Phallus.

Research Seminars

19th June 2012:

Postgraduate Study Day

Presented a reworked version of the paper I gave at Bristol, now entitled, The Word Re-membered: Yahweh, Jerusalem, and the Prophetic Phallus.

7th December 2011:

Centre for Biblical Studies (University of Exeter)

I presented a paper summarising my Master's research, The Mormon Canaanite: Biblical Scholarship, Evangelicals, and the Other.