Belinda Tibbetts

Department: Archaeology
Discipline: Archaeology

Project Summary

Belinda's research investigates fetal, perinatal and infant palaeopathology and its relationship with maternal health and population stress, with a wider application of better understanding past population dynamics and informing present knowledge.

Supervisory Team

Primary Supervisor: Dr Catriona McKenzie

Secondary Supervisor: Professor Alan Outram

Wider Research Interests

Human Pathology and Palaeopathology

Bioarchaeology of individuals and communities

Cultural responses to infant mortality and population stress

Human skeletal development

Authored Publications/Reports

Radcliffe, D., Wilson, H., Powell, D., Tibbetts, B. (2009) Learning Spaces in Higher Education: Outcomes by design.

Tibbetts, B. (2008) Infant Burials in Iron Age Britain, Babies Reborn: Infant/Child Burials in Pre- and Protohistory., BAR International Series 1832, 189-194

Scott Haddow, Christopher Knüsel, Belinda Tibbetts, Marco Milella, Barbara Betz (February 2016) Chapter 5: Human Remains, Çatalhöyük 2015 Archive Report, 85-101

Tibbetts, B (August 2017) Perinatal Death and Cultural Buffering in a Neolithic Community, Children, Death and Burial: Archaeological Discourses, 35-42