Dr Belinda Tibbetts

Department: Archaeology
Discipline: Archaeology

Project Summary

My doctoral research investigated fetal, perinatal and infant palaeopathology and its relationship with maternal health and population stress. This was set within the broader context of improving the current understanding of past population dynamics and informing modern responses to maternal health and developmental pathology.

Supervisory Team

Primary Supervisor: Professor Christopher Knüsel / Dr Catriona McKenzie 

Secondary Supervisor: Professor Alan Outram

Wider Research Interests

Human Pathology and Palaeopathology

Bioarchaeology of individuals and communities

Cultural responses to infant mortality and population stress, including conflict

Human skeletal development

Authored Publications/Reports

Radcliffe, D., Wilson, H., Powell, D., Tibbetts, B. (2009) Learning Spaces in Higher Education: Outcomes by design.

Tibbetts, B. (2008) Infant Burials in Iron Age Britain, Babies Reborn: Infant/Child Burials in Pre- and Protohistory., BAR International Series 1832, 189-194

Scott Haddow, Christopher Knüsel, Belinda Tibbetts, Marco Milella, Barbara Betz (February 2016) Chapter 5: Human Remains, Çatalhöyük 2015 Archive Report, 85-101

Tibbetts, B (August 2017) Perinatal Death and Cultural Buffering in a Neolithic Community, Children, Death and Burial: Archaeological Discourses, 35-42

Haddow, S.D., Milella, M., Tibbetts, B., Schotsmans, Knüsel, C.J. (October 2017) Human Remains, Çatalhöyük 2017 Archive Report, 103-141

Haddow, S.D., Schotsmans, E.M.J., Milella, M., Pilloud, M.A., Tibbetts, B., Knüsel, C.J. (2018) From Parts to a Whole? Exploring changes in funerary practices at Çatalhöyük